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Bulletin 100-C/104-C IEC Contactors

Compact sizes from 4..45 kW/5 ..60Jp (9..85 A)

AC and DC coil control

Common accessories for all contractor sizes

Front and side mounting of auxiliary contracts

Electronic and pneumatic timing modules.

Space-saving coil-mounted control modules

Reversible coil terminations (line or load side)

All devices can be attached to 36 mm DIN mounting Rail

Environmentally friendly materials

The Bulletin 100-C/104-C contractor family, along with a wide range of common accessories and Bulletin 193 solid-state overload relays provides the most compact and flexible starter component system available.

Your order must include: cat. no. of the contractor specified with coil voltage code and, if required, cat. no. of any accessories and/or replacement coils.