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Bulletin 509 NEMA Full Voltage Starters

NEMA sizes 00.9

Exceptional electrical life

UL Witnessed Type 2 Coordination

Dependable coil operation

Eutectic alloy overload relays: Class 10, 20 or 30

Solid-state overload relays: Class 10, 15, 20 and 30

Bulletin 509 starters are designed for full voltage starting of polyphase squirrel cage motors. These starters meet NEMA Standards, are easy to wire and service, simple to select, and offer a broad range of NEMA sizes 00..9.

These starters may be operated by remote control with push buttons, float switches, thermostats, pressure switches, snap switches, limit switches, or any other suitable two- or three-wire pilot device.

All bulletin 509 sizes 00..9 starters are available with bulletin 592 eutectic alloy overload relays as standard and solid-state overloads are optional for additional flexibility in motor protection.