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Bulletin 700-P Direct Drive Convertible Contact Cartridge Relays

NEMA and IEC Ratings

600V Maximum AC/DC

Accessories for Field Installation: Adder Decks, Time Delay, Latching, Surge Suppressors, Mounting Strip

Contact Ratings: (10A) 700-CP1, (20A) 700-CPM, (35A) 700-CPH, (Low Power) 700-CPR

For Machine Tool and Other Heavy Duty Applications

Can Accommodate Ring Tongue Terminals

Integral DIN Rail adapter on AC relays

Finger-safe protection standard


The Bulletin 700-P family of relays has 4 types of contact cartridges to meet your specific switching requirements. Different cartridges can be combined into one relay to yield a custom-tailored application solution. Time delay, latching attachments, overlapping and logic reed contacts are available.

Bulletin 700-P relays use standard (10A) contact cartridges with a double-break and bifurcated design. Bifurcation provides excellent contact reliability and low contact bounce, while the double-break contact design reduces the possibility of contacts welding and enhances the relay’s ability to break DC circuits. These relays are supplied with a max. of 12 contacts (max. 8 N.C.).

Bulletin 700-PK master control relays contain (20A) master contact cartridges with large single-contact pads on each side of the spanner for twice the current rating to control heavy loads and for master control of a system. The Bulletin 700-PK relay also has the same doublebreak design as the 700-P relay. These relays are supplied with a max. of 12 contacts (max. 8 N.C.). Time delay and latching attachments are available.

Bulletin 700-P and -PK relays combine the advantages of convertible contacts with Direct Drive, a construction designed to maintain non- overlap operation between N.O. and N.C. contacts (within published ratings).
Bulletin 700-PH relays contain (35A) tandem contact cartridges. A jumper kit (Cat No. 700-CPH) allows two (20A) master contact cartrridges to be connected in parallel. A maximum of six poles are supplied, up to four of which can be normally closed. Time delay and latch attachments are available.