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Aktite Heavy Duty Circuit Breaking Plugs and Receptacles

Industrial Heavy Duty
Non-hazardous Areas

Arktite circuit breaking plugs and receptacles are use:
To supply power to portable electronically operated devices such as motor-generator sets, compressors, heating and cooling units, welders, conveyors, lighting systems and similar equipment
Where temporary power is needed such as at trailers, building units, heavy machinery and similar equipment
Wherever electrical loads must be quickly disconnected from power source
In a typical installation, where a large machine utilizes a number of electrical motor drives and for easy of adjustment, removal, maintenance and replacement, each motor is connected by portable cord and Arktite receptacles rather than permanently wired
In areas where dust, dirt, moisture and corrosion are a problem
Indoor and outdoor in non-hazardous areas of chemical plants, process industry facilities, meat packing plants, manufacturing plants and similar industrial facilities, meat packing plants, manufacturing plants and similar industrial locations

Circuit breaking: plug through 100 ampere rating may be disconnected under load; 150-400 ampere unit are for service disconnect use only.
Receptacles accept only plugs of the same amperage rating, style and number of poles, making it impossible to mismate, and provides for positive polarization.
Extra wide electrical spacing allows for maximum safety.
Insulator materials are the result of intensive testing. Selection has been made based on highest dielectric strength, maximum mechanical and impact resistance, lower moisture absorption and highest arc tracking resistance.
A variety of installations is possible due to the availability of several types of back boxes.
Designed to withstand rough usage and the effects of adverse environments.
Reversible interiors, 30, 60 and 100 ampere (except 30 and 60 ampere, 5-pole) Arktite plug and receptacle interiors are interchangeable using a screwdriver. This makes it possible to feed a normally de-energized receptacle from an energized plug with usual Arktite safety; no energized contracts are exposed.

Certifications and Compliances:
UL Standards: 1203*; 1682, 1686
CSA Standard: C22.2 No. 182.1
CE (LVD) 2006/95/EEC**