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Expansion/Deflection Coupling and Expansion Joint
Internally Grounded

XJGD combination fittings are used with rigid metal conduit and IMC:
To accommodate axial expansion, angular misalignment and parallel misalignment
To couple together two(2) sections of conduit subject to longitudinal movement
To maintain a ground connection without the need for an external bonding jumper and clamps
In long conduit runs to prevent conduit from buckling and causing circuit failures
Indoors or outdoors where conduit expansion occurs and there are wide temperature swings
In conduit runs that cross structural joints
In conduit runs to prevent damage to conduit supports such as in a building or on a bridge

Certifications and Compliances:
UL Standard: 514B

Standard Materials:
Body, Hubs, Gland Nut, Washer, Bushing – Feraloy
Packing – Teflon
Gasket – vellum
Ground Spring – phosphor bronze
Outer Jacket – molded neoprene
Jacket Clamps – stainless steel
Inner Sleeve – molded plastic
Ground Straps – tinned copper braid

Standard Finishes:
Feraloy – electrogalvanized