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NEMA Full Voltage Power Devices

Full Voltage Noncombination Starters

GE Fastrac Program covers nonreversing magnetic motor starters (3-phasem 3-pole) in NEMA sizes 0-4 with a full range of options. It also includes standard product from of many other nonreversing magnetic motor starters, magnetic reversing controllers, magnetic two-speed controllers and magnetic contractors.

Combination Starters

Eighty percent of all the combination starters that GE sells are available on a GE Fastrac Program basis.

Standard cycle: 2 weeks

GE Fastrac Program: 1 day

To order GE Fastrac starters, select and price item required that are printed with red product numbers. Clearly indicate on the order that Fastrac service is required.

GE’s 300-Line of NEMA rated controls has a complete offering of full voltage nonreversing, reversing, two-speed and combination motor starters, plus magnetic contractors.

They are available in NEMA Sizes 00-9; 600 Volts maximum, 1600 horsepower maximum. Open forms are available in sizes 00-9. Type 1 enclosures are available in sizes 00-6. The 300-Line has standard specification approval by many major manufacturers for the toughest industrial applications.