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Disconnect Switches Type VB Panelboard Units

Disconnect Switches

Type VB Panelboard Units


Exclusive Vacu-Break Clampmatic Arc Control – Hazardous switching arcs are safely confined are controlled in the Vacu-Break chamber.

NEMA Phasing – All line connections are phased as per NEMA Standards, i.e., left to right and top to bottom as you face the unit.

Pressure Terminal Connectors – Suitable for aluminum or copper.



VB Panelboard Switches are intended for use in applications where

1. Rugged constructions, reliable performance, continuity or service and ease of maintenance are emphasized, or

2. Available fault currents higher than 10,000A are likely to be encountered, in manufacturing plants, mass production industries and commercial, institutional and other large buildings served by network systems or transformers of higher capacities.

Short Circuit Withstand Ratings

Suitable for use on systems capable of delivering not more than 200,000 RMS symmetrical amperes of fault current when Class J or R fuses are installed. (100 Amps or larger). All Terminal Connectors 200 Amps and larger are removable.

Connection Screws – Bullet nosed for positive location and seating of screw.

Quick-Make Quick-Break – Assured by design of cam mechanism and powerful springs. Positive operation I “ON” or “OFF” position results from design of the cross arm and Vacu-Break head linkage.

1200 A switches are the exception, which are suitable for use on circuits capable of delivering not more than 100,000 RMS symmetrical amperes of fault current when Class L fuses are installed. Also, 100-800A switches with Class T fuses and field adapted kit, which are 200,000 RMS symmetrical rated.


Fusible switches will accept the following UL Class fuses:

Class H

Class K

Class R or J with proper adapter kit

Class L – 800 and 1200A switches

Class T – 100-800 switches with proper adapter kit.

Cover Interlocks

Voidable cover interlocks standard on

Easy Mounting – Mounting feet have captive bullet nosed screws added, which seat quickly and positively, reducing installation time.

Padlocking Member – Provides easier locking or handle in the “on” or “off” position.

Fibre End Barrier – Insulated End Barriers prevent damage to wire during installation and are designed with openings large enough to accommodate removable wire grips (200 Amps and larger units).

High Pressure Spring Reinforced Copper Fuse Clips – Provided extra pressure at the contract points. Fuse clips are removable from the front in 7 ½” and 10” units and from the rear of 5” units.

Voidable Cover Interlock – Permits only authorized personnel to void the door interlock and open door with switch “on.” “Fool proof” mechanism will not permit door to be closed unless handle is in the correct position.

all heavy duty switches. Prevents cover from being opened when switch is the “ON” position.

UL Listing

Listed by UL under file #E6849 as miscellaneous switches and also suitable for use as service equipment (where applicable). Meets UL98 standard for enclosed and deadfront switches.

NEMA Specifications

Meets NEMA standard KS-1-1990 for type HD switches.

Federal Specifications

Meets previous federal specifications W-S-865C for heavy duty switches (Type HD) Type 1 switches – general purpose enclosed (Type 1).