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6 Hazardous Location Drain and Breathers


These applications can help you in those areas, where condensation may be a problem. Drain fittings can be installed at the bottom of the enclosures to drain away moisture. Breather fittings in most cases are installed at the top of anthe enclosure, what allows water vapor to escape and minimize condensation within the enclosure interior. Universal fittings (drain/breathers) provide both these functions in a single application, which can be installed both on the top or at the bottom of the enclosure.

You can find fittings for normal and for hazardous locations, also they can be with conductive and non-conductive thread/joint lubricants for preventing seizing and galling of these and other threaded components.

#1. ATX DB Series Drain and Breather Valves

These applications are flameproof bleed valves, which can be used for draining condensation from inside enclosures and boxes. They increase safety and provide drain and breather functions, in places where required for some electrical equipment and enclosures, which are installed in hazardous locations.

#2. DB and DBB Drain and Breather Valves

These applications can be used in a hazardous enclosure both as drain or breather. They can be used in both ways as drains and breathers. When aaplication is installed at the top of an enclosure, it acts as a breather. When it is installed at the bottom, it acts as a drain.

#3. Drains, Breathers, Universal Drain-Breathers

Universal drain breathers by Appleton provide prevention and release of condensation, when properly installed in the appropriate location. These applications are created for electrical equipment and enclosures.

#4. NTDRE Drain Breathers

This item is a special combination of breather and drain plug, which prevents condensation and allows moisture to drain out of sealed boxes and enclosures.

It has a special nutshell form, which helps to prevent condensation in weatherproof, gas-proof and dust-proof boxes.

#5. STL Thread Lubricant

This lubricant may be used on any threaded joint for corrosion inhibition and aid in preventing moisture from entering threaded joints. It also helps to prevent seizing and galling.

#6. TL Thread Joint Lubricants

It is another type of lubricant, which has excellent qualities corrosion inhibition and retarding galvanic action on dissimilar metals.

There are two types of them: TLNC are non-conductive lubricants, TLC are conductive, high-temperature lubricants.

Thread joint lubricants also reduce wear and breakage of mating parts.


We hope our blog will help you to choose, what kind of drains and breathers you need.  You are always welcome!