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6 reasons why you should trust Plasti-Bond REDH2OT


Reason #1. Premium corrosion protection without a premium price
You deserve the corrosion protection you pay for. ETL PVC-001 Verified Plasti-Bond has been independently proven to provide ten or more times the protective product service life when compared to other brands – and at no added cost.

Reason #2. Coating adheres
When the PVC coating on galvanized rigid conduit adheres – the product will successfully protect the steel substrate from corrosion damage. All coatings are permeable.
Although there’s a clear distinction between success and failure, not all manufacturers have achieved a consistent level of reliable bonding.

Reason #3. UL6 listed and ETL PVC-001 Verified
All the main brands of PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit meet the same standards established in UL, and are authorized to carry a same UL listing label for PVC- coated galvanized rigid conduit. However — not all brands are ETL PVC-001 Verified. Plasti-Bond is.

Reason #4. Risk of premature PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit failure
Specifying ETL PVC-001 Verified Plasti-Bond protects you, and those to whom you are responsible, from the enormous risk of premature PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit failure.
The risk of premature product failure can have an enormous impact on costs including downtime, safety, legal, and environmental. That fact needs to be addressed in job specifications by written mandates requiring ETL PVC-001 Verification.

Reason #5. Unsurpassed manufacturing explains why Plasti-Bond has “no equal”
Not all PVC-coated galvanized rigid conduit is created equal. As the original pioneer of this product, Plasti-Bond has maintained and evolved its position of technological leadership in many key ways:
1) Unmatched bonding adhesion for unmatched conduit protection.
As one of the original authors of NEMA RN-1 our company thoroughly understands and conforms to the voluntary, non-regulated guidelines of this standard. This is particularly the case about how we prepare the zinc surface of the conduit to enable a degree of coating adhesion not achieved by other manufacturers.
2) Nothing can touch threads.
Our multimillion dollar ProTECH™ system provides our conduit threads with unsurpassed corrosion protection. Through the final manufacturing process, nothing touches the zinc coating of our thread.

Reason #6. Value-added differentiators
Plasti-Bond is not simply a product – it is a key link in a system designed to beat the high cost of corrosion damage.

Use Plasti-Bond, and you will benefit from objective, independently-proven anti-corrosion performance. After only one look for the combined ETL PVC-001 and UL label, you’ll know you’re protected!