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ASCO 920 Remote Control Switches


The ASCO 920 is created as a feeder disconnect switch for load capacities. ASCO 920 RC switches are available for separate mounting in NEMA type enclosures or direct installation within lighting panelboards for total or split-bus applications.

Items are available in the average from 30 through 225 Amperes per pole, with 2 or 3 poles and service voltages through 600 VAC. The ASCO 920 RC Switches is listed under UL 508 for ballast lighting, tungsten, general use and resistive loads. It also meets the withstand current requirements of UL 67 for panelboard applications. The ASCO 920 is easy to install and features all posi­tion mounting. It has no derating for high inrush loads and a reliable single-solenoid operator. Item can be used with energy management systems which automatically control lighting and power circuits through control devices such as photoelectric cells, microprocessors, timers and so on.

Characteristics of the items:

Electrical Features

      It is UL listed and CSA Approved;

      This item can withstand short-circuit rating of 22,000 Amps rms sym­metrical at 480 volts for use with molded case circuit breakers and 100,000 Amps rms symmetrical at 600 volts for use with current-limiting fuses.

      This Remote Cntrol Switcher interrupts 300% of rated current at 480 volts.

      It has 0.4 to 0.5 power facto

      This item can be used with metal ha­lide, mercury vapor, quartz halogen, tungsten and fluorescent lighting.

      It hasn’t derating, when used on high inrush loads.

      Instead of it, it has wide arc gaps and arc split­ters to quickly extinguish arcs. Isolated arcing cham­bers are widely spaced and symmetrically located, what is very beneficial for this product.

Construction Features

      This item guarantees long life. It’s created for more demanding lighting contactor use. Also it provides extended life and quieter operation.

      Asco 920 RC Switcher is suitable for use with energy management systems.

      It has a rugged molded base and also it is covered with superior electri­cal insulation.

      There is a special opportunity for manual operation during inspection and maintenance.

      Item is lightweight, what is better for easy installation.

      The plug-in auxiliary control relays are available for it.

      Installation is very siple: insert wire and tighten. (Wire range is in average from 14 AWG to 10 AWG).

      Contacts of the item are power-driven in both directions for complete dependability.

      It hasn’t extra contacts or wires, which are necessary for installation signal lamps at control stations.

      This item can be installed in any position.

      Asco 920 RC Switcher is available from 30-225 Amps.

ASCO remote control switches are created for controlling heating and power loads. They can help you reduce wear on overcurrent protective devices. That’s why we strongly recommend you this item!