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Computer system plugs, connectors & receptacles by the Russellstoll Company


The Russellstoll Complany is one of the biggest and the best electrical manufacturing companies. It deals with different electrical products, including computer system plugs, connectors, receptacles and many others.

Today we have prepared a list of plugs, connectors and receptacles, which are the most useful. You can check it and choose something for your enterprise.

#1. Duragard To 4P4W 20Amp thru 50Amp

This constructiom is the toughest among others. It is designed in thermoplastic safety, durability and performance. It is made from UL94-VO flame rated DuraV material, what is also important.

#2. Specgrade to 4P4W 20Amp and 30Amp

This item is very similar to the previous one. It refers to blue lexan plugs, which have FS/FD design standards as Duragard.  This item is made from UL94-5VA flame rated material.

#3. FS/FD to 3P4W 15Amp thru 30Amp

FS/FD to 3P4W 15Amp thru 30Amp are original computer system connectors. This line is made in aluminum continues in MRO usage. Many of these installations can also mate or convert to Duragard units, so you can convert them, if it is necessary.

#4. Angle Type to 3P4W 60Amp use

Angle Type is the original 60A main power computer system connector, which are commonly used today. This item is available in specialty UL94-VO material. You can change this one on the next one, if it is necessary.

#5. Maxgard to 4P5W 30Amp

This item is created for DP/Computer System Applications. It is created form the special thermoplastic housing. They can be used wherever 4P5W installations are required.

#6. IEC IP67 to 4P5W 20Amp to 100Amp

This type connector is made from thermoplastic (international standard 309-2 or CEE-17). This item is very popular, especially in OEM, export and standard performance applications.

It is watertight (when mated) and directly interchangeable with other manufactures.

The great benefit of the Russellstoll Company is that it can install plugs, connectors, receptacles and other electrical stuff wherever you need it – despite the complicated conditions whether it is desert or ice flow, and, yes, we are not overcharging. So, it is the perfect option of electrical supply for hazardous environment. It’s not a secret that this company deals with different challenges; it has withstood various hard requirements, and after the fact of their completing, now it can offer the best electrical connections for humid, harsh and corrosive environments. It is the answer by the Russellstoll Company to the toilful requirements of the processing industry.

Choose products by the Russellstoll Company and you will never regret about this!