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Ground-Fault and Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers


Arc-Fault and Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers were created in 2014 after the National Electrical Code. Nowadays these circuit breakers, which were created by Siemens Company, provide qualitative electrical supply and offer 2 types of the protection in 1 pack. Also, it should be mentioned, that they are faster and more effective than their predecessors. These Circuit Breakers by Siemens are mechanically operated.Eelectrical switch created for protection an electrical circuit from defects, which can be caused by current overload or short failure. The basic function of the item is to locate a problem and interrupt current flow, if the problem is located.

The Arc-Fault and Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers have next characteristics:

1) They are UL listed and CSA certified, as all our products;

2)    Also, they are HACR Rated;

3)    They have standard 1 inch per pole form and plug-in design.

Moreover, Arc-Fault and Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers have Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters of the Class A for about 5mA. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) offer Class A ground fault security. GFCI are special applications, which are meant for body security and will stop electrical power, when a fault current to ground is 6 mA or more. Ground fault equipment security of Arc-Fault and Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers by Siemens is about 30mA. The circuit breakers of the EQF type guarantee safety of arrangement from destruction line-to-ground fault currents by interrupting electrical power for all ungrounded current collectorss of the failure circuit. As concerns AFCI, they are created for locating arcing fault (an unintended arcing condition in a circuit), what standard circuit breakers are not available to locate.

There are more benefits of this item:

– AFCI and GFCI are protected by the one device, what gives opportunity use only one point of reset;

– Protects your electricity from arc and ground faults, what is very important both at the work on the big enterprises and at home on the kitchen;

– They are more cheaper, because you pay 1 price for 2  items.

Arc-Fait Circuit Interrupters are the special feeder devices which are meant for diminishing the effects of arc-faults by removing electrical power when an arc-fault is located.

We probably sure, that you need such devices at your plants and enterprises and also we sure that Arc-Fault and Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers by Siemens will be your best choice.

Hurry up and buy them!