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6 reasons why you should trust Plasti-Bond REDH2OT

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Reason #1. Premium corrosion protection without a premium price You deserve the corrosion protection you pay for. ETL PVC-001 Verified Plasti-Bond has been independently proven to provide ten or more times the protective product service life when compared to other brands – and at no added cost. Reason #2. Coating adheres When the PVC coating […]


Pin & Sleeve Devices by Hubbell Insulgrip

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At the present day, the Hubbell is the company, which that sets the standards for pin and sleeve performance, security, endurance, innovating, and ease of use. At this moment, it may be said that Pin and Sleeve Devices by Hubble have become a real standard in this sphere. A new line of heavy duty Insulgrip […]


Junction Boxes for Ordinary and Hazardous Locations

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These applications are absolutely necessary for big and small enterprises. They are specially created for fully containing and confining an explosive force within the enclosure. Junction Boxes by Appleton are strong enough to withstand the effects of corrosion and time. At our shop you can find a full line of hazardous location conduit outlet boxes, […]


10 Hazardous Location Conduit Fittings

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If you need special protection on your enterprise, conduit fittings will come in useful. These applications offer you explosionproof and dust-ignitionproof protection. These conduit fittings are made from qualitative materials and construction by Appleton Group. Conduit fittings by Appleton Group constructed by innovative products, such as swivel elbows and flexible couplings to simplify challenging installations.You […]


8 Sealing Fittings for Hazardous Environments

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Sealing fittings, such as sealing cement, are very useful at big enterprises. If you install them properly, they minimize the passage of gases and vapors and prevent the passage of flames from one portion of a conduit system to another. These applications also prevent any internal explosion from propagating to the outside atmosphere. You can […]


6 Hazardous Location Drain and Breathers

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These applications can help you in those areas, where condensation may be a problem. Drain fittings can be installed at the bottom of the enclosures to drain away moisture. Breather fittings in most cases are installed at the top of anthe enclosure, what allows water vapor to escape and minimize condensation within the enclosure interior. […]


Ground-Fault and Arc-Fault Circuit Breakers

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Arc-Fault and Ground-Fault Circuit Breakers were created in 2014 after the National Electrical Code. Nowadays these circuit breakers, which were created by Siemens Company, provide qualitative electrical supply and offer 2 types of the protection in 1 pack. Also, it should be mentioned, that they are faster and more effective than their predecessors. These Circuit Breakers by […]


ASCO 920 Remote Control Switches

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The ASCO 920 is created as a feeder disconnect switch for load capacities. ASCO 920 RC switches are available for separate mounting in NEMA type enclosures or direct installation within lighting panelboards for total or split-bus applications. Items are available in the average from 30 through 225 Amperes per pole, with 2 or 3 poles […]


ASCO 920 Optional Auxiliary Control Relays

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ASCO (or Automatic Switch Company) is a business unit of Emerson Elecrtic Company, which was founded in 1888. This company creates and sells different items for business-critical continuity, among them are switches, power control systems, industrial control products and so on. ASCO 920 offers power switching and controls for Business Critical Continuity. You can find […]


Computer system plugs, connectors & receptacles by the Russellstoll Company

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The Russellstoll Complany is one of the biggest and the best electrical manufacturing companies. It deals with different electrical products, including computer system plugs, connectors, receptacles and many others. Today we have prepared a list of plugs, connectors and receptacles, which are the most useful. You can check it and choose something for your enterprise. […]